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In an effort to increase representation of BIPOC community residents in the homeownership process the SDCLT has created the HUD Housing Educator Program. The program is one of a kind in Broome County as it's developed to empower/educate people of color to gain the skills needed in housing counseling. 

SDCLT housing educators are trained using the HUD Housing Counseling modules in order to pass the housing counseling exam, then tasked with paying it forward and educating the historically marginalized residents of Broome County on the necessary steps to becoming a homeowner. 

The program is unique in its effort to infuse the work being done in the local area with folks who have lived experience in poverty, racial discrimination, gender bias etc. The SDCLT sees this program as helping community residents connect with people that understand them on a deeper level. We are intentionally doing the work necessary to increase the number of Black and Brown homeowners in Upstate New York.

Want to find out more about how to become a housing educator?

HUD Housing Educators: What We Do
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