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"Land is the basis of freedom, justice and equality" -Malcolm X.

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The Southern Door Community Land Trust emphatically believes that Black Lives Matter.

Disparities in housing, education, wealth, health, and leadership have exacerbated racial inequity for far too long!

Ensuring that Black Lives Matter in all spaces is fundamental to the success and sustainability of the Southern Door Community Land Trust.

Walking. Running. Resting. Sitting. Shopping. Driving. Having a good day. Having a terrible day. Helping someone. Heading home. Eating. Playing. Laughing. Sleeping.


Black Lives Matter is not a collection of words written on a sign.

It’s a heavy and demanding promise.

A promise that white America, collectively, struggles to make on a consistent basis to effect meaningful and lasting change.

A strong ally to Black Lives Matter and becoming anti-racist requires active and intentional work toward demanding change in housing, employment, clean energy, policing, funding, childcare, voting…call out any system, any institution in this country, that has been constructed to reward, reaffirm, and subsidize whiteness at great and unforgivable cost.

Fighting for safe, affordable, stable housing, particularly for Black Americans, should be the top, priority of every leader in this region, this state, and this country. 

This work falls on all of us! 

“Black Lives Matter.” 

You are not just saying words.

You are, and we are, making a promise to build a nation yet to be built.

The SDCLT stand with those demanding equality in all systems!

We stand with Black residents of Broome County demanding healthy, accessible, and affordable housing. We stand with Black residents of Broome County demanding anti-racism in systems and organizations.

For those who want to begin an anti-racist journey, read Ta-Nehisi Coates, A Case for Reparations!

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A housing continuum is the progression of individuals along a housing-focused continuum with homelessness at one end and home ownership at the other. A successful housing system has people moving up the Housing Continuum.

133 Main St, Binghamton, NY 13905


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Commitment, transparency, innovation. These three values have stood at the center of the Southern Door Community Land Trust mission since our founding in 2019. We wholeheartedly commit to the work that we do with passion and dedication.

Our most important goals are to increase access to resources and empower the most vulnerable among us. 

We challenge ourselves and others to think creatively, applying an innovative approach to the housing crisis in Broome County.

The Southern Door Community Land Trust is a registered nonprofit with an active 501c3 tax exempt status.

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"Let's do the work".
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