Housing Justice Talks

Housing Justice Talks

Southern Door Community Land Trust

Check out our latest housing justice talk. In this video we discuss the local housing crisis with several community advocates passionate about creating change! Learn more of what work is being done and how you can get involved. Contact us with ideas that you may have about how we can better serve the community. 



"Land is the basis of freedom, justice and equality" --Malcolm X.



Join us on the 2nd Tuesday of every month to discuss housing injustice and climate injustice in the US. These issues are deeply interconnected, and exploring where they meet helps us respond to both! Hope to see you there. 

ZOOM ID: 884 9547 9441 

Second Tuesday every month @ 7:00pm 

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Who We Are

Welcome! We're a grassroots coalition of housing advocates committed to creating and launching a community land trust based right here in Broome County, New York -- and we have a grant to make it happen. 

We're committed to racial justice, letting community lead, and making sure that everyone in this region has a safe, affordable, stable home. We want those folks most impacted by housing insecurity to own, govern, and lead our area’s Community Land Trust (CLT).

But wait! What's a community land trust? It's a tried and true way to keep affordable housing in the hands of community members. Take a look around this site and learn more! 

Starting in 2020 and continuing through 2021, we have a ton of events coming your way (as well as ongoing projects you can check out below). We want to build trust and leadership in this project. Sign up for regular update e-mails and learn all about our progress.

By the way - if we haven't made it clear already - we want you to be a part of this thing!

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CLT Ambassador Program

The Ambassadors are an integral part of our CLT outreach and awareness campaign! Our first group participated in Summer 2020, and our second group just got started in Spring 2021.

Look out for additional information about our Ambassadors!

Youth Story Corps

Broome County's young people are amazing! 

In the summer of 2020 we partnered with VINES Gardens to work with youth on housing advocacy through media. And they turned what we shared with them, and what they shared with us, into a spectacular film - HOUSING IS A HUMAN RIGHT!

Our Youth Story Corps program will run again in Summer 2021! Learn more below.

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Housing Justice Talks!

Our Ambassadors developed this idea for a virtual community forum - it's open to all community members to discuss and learn about housing justice issues happening in our own backyard!

Southern Door CLT invites all community members to join these discussions, no RSVP required.

Our next Talk take place the 2nd Tuesday of every month, at 7:00 pm. 

TOPICs Include: Tenants, Energy, and Climate Justice

Zoom ID: 884 9547 9441

High Fives


The Southern Door Community Land Trust (SDCLT) and the Binghamton Community Power (BCP) stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

We can’t use this space to list more statistics trying to capture systemic racism in America.

Numbers about the sickening disparities in education, housing, wealth, health, and leadership can’t hold the anger, rage, and pain spilling onto the streets of this world.

Black Lives Matter is about just that. Lives.

Walking. Running. Resting. Sitting. Shopping. Driving. Having a good day. Having a terrible day. Helping someone. Heading home. Eating. Playing. Laughing. Sleeping.


Black Lives Matter is not a collection of words written on a sign.

It’s a heavy and demanding promise.

A promise that white America, collectively, never made. Not the white “leaders” of government, of industry, or institutions. A promise white people refuse to make to this day, powerful statements or gestures aside.

Instead, the collective promise white people make and re-make each day is to uphold white supremacy at all costs. Housing, employment, clean energy, policing, funding, the ability to care for your child, voting…call out any system, any institution in this country, and it has been intentionally constructed to reward, reaffirm, and subsidize whiteness at great and unforgivable cost.

Fighting for safe, affordable, stable housing, particularly for Black Americans, should be the top, fight-with-all-you’ve-got, priority of every leader in this region, this state, and this country. Those who want to take office should have renewable energy platforms prioritizing the inclusion of those most negatively impacted by fossil and nuclear power.

Instead this work falls to community members and ill-funded, understaffed non-profits trying to band-aid wounds systematically re-opened day by day.

All of this requires change!

Be careful when you speak “Black Lives Matter.” 

You are not just saying words.

You are, and we are, making a promise to build a nation yet to be built.

SDCLT and BCP stand with those demanding equality in all systems!

We stand with Black residents of Broome County demanding healthy, joyous, accessible, and affordable housing. We stand with Black residents of Broome County demanding energy justice.

This moment is not new, but it will be historic.

Listen, and act! 

Stand with those demanding disruption and change. 

Stand for leadership by those who feel the pulse of this country.

And read Ta-Nehisi Coates, A Case for Reparations.


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Help pave the way for housing justice in Broome County.

If you wish to make a donation, you will be directed to the PayPal for the Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition - our fiscal sponsor for the current grant.

Please be aware that at this time SDCLT is not a non-profit organization at this time. Our status will be updated soon.